remember being little and thinking dandelions were fun or a pretty color or something and every adult in an 80 mile radius wouldn’t let you say that without screaming ITS A WEED

also like:
  • dandelions are edible, easy to grow, and are rich in vitamins a, c, k, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium
  • dandelions can be made into wine, tea, soft drinks, and a coffee substitute
  • they are used in herbal remedies to treat liver and digestive problems and as a diuretic
  • they’re good for bees!
  • they make good companion plants for various herbs and tomatoes; their long taproot helps bring up nutrients in the soil and they release ethylene gas which ripens fruit
  • dandelions secrete latex which means they can be used to make natural rubber 
  • they make great flower crowns 

To expand on dandelions and bees

  • The reason they are good for bees is because dandelions are one of the first flowers to open, come spring, which means they are the first fresh food for the local bees!
  • Dandelions cohabitate with clover really well! Dandelions flower and drop seed just in time for clover to flower and drop seed in time for the dandelions to flower a second time. Bees love both of these flowers!
  • We keep a 15×15 dandelion/clover garden for our bees, with a water station, and it’s always covered in honeybees in the early spring!
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