hey I have a lipstick plant and lately it&#039…

hey I have a lipstick plant and lately it's not doing too good, idk if its being picky but I re potted it to a bigger pot about 2 weeks ago and it's wilting and the leaves are falling off, it's getting warmer so I put it outside today and then it turned yellow. I'm curious if you have any suggestions to help it bounce back ? thanks 🙂

I would check to make sure the plant isn’t getting too much water. Overwatering can cause the leaves to turn yellow (however, so can lack of sunlight). You said it was repotted recently. What kind of pot is is currently sitting in? Is it the same material as the previous? I would check to make sure the pot has fast drainage. Constant wet roots can cause foilage to yellow and fall off and eventually lead to a nasty case of root rot. You can always add a bit of perlite to your soil to make it drain faster. African violet soil mix works excellent as well. Some lipstick plants like to dry out slightly between waterings while some are happy with a consistently moist soil. If overwatering isn’t an issue, I would make sure the plant is receiving bright, but indirect, sunlight. Direct sun will sunburn the leaves of these plants. I would also check for any pests on/under the foilage and in the soil. If there are any present and mixture of been oil and water can remove them. Keep the plant away from any drafts or sudden temperature changes (doors, vents, open windows).

If all else fails and you have tried anything and everything in your power, contact your local Master Gardener/Horticulture extension of your state and they can lend a hand!

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